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The Shadow Over Route 80

Somewhere, deep in the American wheat belt, a shadow looms. 
Are you sure you're alone?

A short 10-15 minute horror game with multiple endings. 

!// Currently completable, but still in development //!

Still to come: bonus mode, more scares n spooks, control rebindings...

Please read the 'read me' in the game folder for controls. 

!// Does not seem to work with some Windows 11 machines//!

Cover art by the amazing @sgkaruta - https://linktr.ee/sgkaruta

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Indie, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, supernatural


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El lore y la historia del juego es muy buena. 

Gameplay muy divertido y con buenos jumpscare: 10/10

no late night shift

Started playing at 11:15

The game was a lot better than I expected...

This game terrified me got one ending. was hooked on throughout the whole experience! Will definitely be looking out for more games from this creator and I recommend other people to play this. Very atmospheric too :D

This game is nice.

Every time I found a skeleton, I got excited about what would happen next, so I was able to play until the end without getting bored.

I've seen 4 endings, and they all felt like glimpses of the abyss and were interesting.


Version of steam is most large?

Steam requires an uncompressed folder and all the redistributables have to be included in the package, which increases the overall game size. 

Heart was racing

Very fun and unsettling

game. It had a creepy atmosphere and a good build up.

An enjoyable short horror with nice, pixellated graphics and some good atmosphere. Very spooky!

What an awesome experience!

Great conecept and art! Keep up with your work!!


(Start at 24:36-56:00) I was expecting a surprise party but sadly enough I was not able to be present for it. I had prior arrangements with the bathroom and a mirror. GG, it was fun and I really enjoyed it. 

i really enjoyed this game and all the endings cant wait to see other games in the future keep it up

I Woke EREN YEAGER and THE RUMBLING...😳 (and yes I got all the endings)

One of the better horror indie games from 2022!

Awesome game! And I got all the endings! 😊

About 90% sure there was a second ending but I felt like the way I played was perfect. Loved it. 

this one was actually WILD

I did a quick short of this awesome game! Loved playing and finding the endings!

I played your game and yes there is alot of games like this that focuses on retail stuff such as gas stations but this is different I enjoyed this, keep up the good work! 

Very fun and unsetteling game. It had a creepy atmosphere and a good build up.

Solid game, well-paced, with a good amount of scares, and a good atmosphere. I enjoyed this game for the tasks you have to complete while being hunted. definitely would recommend 8.3/10!

This game was the scariest one I've played in a while. Really well made! I managed to get all endings.

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Good game very spooky got a little dark near the end but still super spooky!!

This Game looked so good!

Hi!! This game was so fucking terrifying. The audio was well done and beautiful. I felt actually in a gas station and in the woods. You did a great job with pacing and build up. I can't wait to see what other projects you come up with. if you want to see, i have a video of me playing it and my first reaction to it. I preformed terribly as a commentator because of how scared i was.

This was fantastic and a great short horror game. The scares were awesome and I loved the multiple endings. Great job!

Really enjoyed this one...

Sound design was great, there were a few moments when the gurgling of Beelzebub's stomach made me look around like a frightened cashier late at night. From the main gas station door opening to the chirping of cicada's, the atmosphere was greatly elevated by the sound. 


Short, sharp and sweet. Not too convoluted to get confused by anything, simple design premise and execution.

Multiple endings - to be honest I would have fled on the bike after the second prompt but knew that was the coward's way out!

Sound Design - as mentioned before, the atmosphere is really set from the getgo - I expected a few 'gotcha!' cheap scares, but the jumps that came were from my own inability to see things in front of me


Story could do with a little more fleshing out. Let's get to know the main character and why he would stay when paranormal events are happening around him. Although there is an option to leave, apart from the 'I'll lose my job' aspect, I think there should be some other external force keeping him there? Perhaps a friend/girlfriend wants to meet him at their 'special place' in the cornfields, etc. Also, there's some great lore with the 'elder gods,' but more could be done with this. Perhaps at the start of the evening shift more information (such as a radio, additional characters entering the store, notes left around in place) could expand the reason for the ctacombs existing in the first place.

Character moves a little too slow - not suggesting a run button but think the character could certainly benefit from 'striding' a little faster.

Although following a trail of blood or tyre marks I think some gamers wouldn't be able to locate the skull at the end of the road - perhaps a little comment by the character could alleviate any confusion by where the player needs to go next. 

All in all, a great gem of a horror game - can't wait for the next one!

Really enjoyed the overall feel of the game. Expected cheap scares and that wasn't the case at all. Had a lot of fun, thanks!

Need introduction, like "This is midnight. Time to go home." Because I thought there will be some customer or phone call. Waited for 5 minutes long and nothing happened.


There are a lot of 'retail horror' games around these days, but I was delightfully surprised how well made this one is. They showed restraint with jumpscares, had a good level of self-awareness, and nicely polished visuals. I got all 4 endings in my video below. My only complaint is that redoing the entire game for each ending was a chore because of how slow you walk. Would have liked checkpoints or a run button to make it not take so long. High recommendation otherwise! (SPOILERS BELOW)

video guide starts at 5:51:15

Ending 1: Grab your motorbike keys from the locker and leave

Ending 2: Use the key on the hatch under the dumpsters to find the gun, then shoot self in the bathroom mirror (front and center)

Ending 3: Collect all skulls, watch the ritual from the ritual site

Ending 4: Collect all skulls, watch the ritual, but this time shoot the skeleton demon right after it rises from the table

So this is what it feels like to be a cultist..

That bit in the hallway was probably favorite part. It was tasteful keeping the threat veiled throughout the game.
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I've liked a lot. Brilliant environment design! Has been the best of this Saturday night! Some chicken skin at some moments! Only got two endings? How many are?

Loved it! Got all endings.

Yeah never working at EZ Gas stations again.

Here is my gameplay (24:36)

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