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I really enjoyed this game! Even playing it fully multiple times it kept scaring me! Great Job! All Endings | 9th Game

I had such a blast with this one! Love me some convenience store shenanigans

Good game!

I may have inadvertently started the apocalypse 

The very first game i played and this game was truly horrifying but DAMN I LOVE IT truly a great horror game looking forward to more games you release but yeah this was a very nice experience :)

Que buen juego, un buen susto

I don’t think I played the game right… BUT! It was still spooky

This game needs more attention. I really liked it and it scared me pretty good! 

Muy buen juego, aquí mi gameplay. La verdad no pensaba que fuera a ser tan entretenido!

This game was a lot of fun and way more than I thought it would be. Great job!

Demons messing with me at mi job!  Great game.

Mi experiencia en español! No esperé que fuera a ir tan intenso. Muy buen trabajo, pegué unos cuantos saltos jaja!

I absolutely loved the game and was terrified throughout it! Keep up the good work. (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!)

Thanks for making this!

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This game had me screaming so much, I loved the jumpscares and horrific atmosphere 10/10 game for sure. 

This was sooo good! I really enjoyed playing. 

This Needs a Part2!

Great Game!


good game


really really really really good

Good horror

played this during a 3 scary games on my channel, really enjoyed it!

These 2 games scared me one to many times

Working as a Gas Station Clerk on the edge of town, You got a front row seat to The End Of The World... Who knows, You might even be the cause of it all.... Only time will tell.

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Hey friends! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! love ya'll! 

My favorite thing about this game was the secret ending I instinctively got

A wonderful game! I played it a year ago, but only recently found out that the game has several endings. It was very pleasant to be back in this atmosphere)

This game is TOP. 10/10

I really enjoy it. You have talent mate, keep going! I did a video on my channel (Spanish) Hope you like it.

very well made

very cute game

freak my ass out

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